Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces, Save on costs & time, no teaspoon, no dripping mess
(well almost)

Welcome to the award-winning innovative concept of Royal T-Stick, you will discover a completely new art of drinking tea. Making a cup of first-class quality tea has never been so easy. Experience the feeling of well-being. Royal T-stick tastes best when served in a high tea glass mug or tea cup.

No more messing around, no more dripping teabags."

Appealing Life-style flair with a touch of exotic flavour. All our teas are carefully selected and come from tea estates that are situated in the best tea growing regions of India and South Africa.

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Do you want to sell T-Sticks in your store or provide for your innovative events? Get in contact, we will help you with tea sticks and accessories for your exclusive event, our concept caused a storm in a tea cup.